The Wedding of Grimlon & Mariena was the marriage between Grimlon, god of fire & Mariena, goddess of air. The wedding was intended to be a false marriage scam to trick Grimlon into being execrated by Sia after Grimlon had execrated Groc. However, the most famous part of the wedding was the crowning ceremony skip, in which Grimlon had skipped the crowning to the end.


Execration of GrocEdit

Plot to execrate GrimlonEdit




You may now kiss the bride

—The priest at the end

Grimlon was intended to be crowned, but he realized the appearance of his crown was wrong & saw it was made of Kissing Draught held together by water, which Kissing Draught was an inflammable substance. Grimlon ordered that Sia remake the crown, but she refused & Grimlon threatened to execrate her after the wedding was over, then, Grimlon ordered the priest to skip the crowning to the very end, which was to end the wedding by kissing the bride. Grimlon forced Mariena to kiss him & the wedding ended


After the wedding ended, there was a huge brawl between the two sister goddesses & the god.