Season 2, Episode 3
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Volcanageddon is the third episode of Season 2 & is the ninth episode of the series total. The name Volcanageddon is a portmanteau of the words volcano & armageddon (volcan/o + arm/ageddon)


Talroc & Ifghar are busy discussing the next attack in the League of Magic. Meanwhile, Orcul comes in with news from the god Groc. Talroc, Orcul & Ifghar go to Albus, who is busy strategizing the next battle with Geracus. Orcul tells everyone that Mount Kilijaro would destroy everyone. Albus believes Orcul could be correct while Geracus denys this & thinks it's just a flight idea. Albus dismisses the trio & they go to the Arbor Bar. Talroc explains to Ifghar about Mount Kilijaro, a once active, now dormant, volcano that is right next to Mount Ziamis on the border of Mexico. The volcano was so powerful, it covered the whole Earth with nonstop coats of lava & shielded the nations of Ziam & Mexico in smoke until Groc & Mariena were born. According to Orcul, the volcano was becoming less dormant due to the battle happening down in Hades between Groc, Grimlon, Glaux & the monster. Orcul says that the volcano is also going to erupt due to Grimlon & the eruption would cause a landslide of lava & smoke that would destroy Ziam & strengthen Mexico into Grimlon's homeland. Ifghar leaves, believing Orcul is crazy. Talroc asks Orcul when the volcano would erupt & Orcul claimed it would erupt at the end of the 6th baktun. After reviewing the ancient files, Talroc translates this into 2 weeks