Shanghai is a Mexican desert. It is the most deserted area of the whole desert & seems to be the coolest. The desert is called the land of the lost & forsaken as many wizards who are to die by loss of location are sent to the middle of Shanghai. Caracos was born there & hitchhiked his way to Ziam to escape the boredom.



Caracos the Mexican was born in Shanghai, however, he found it boring, so he left to find Ziam. On his way, he created his own wand out of a core of cactus needles & sunsand-dryed almond wood, which fascinated many League of Magic members when he asked to be enrolled for the use of cactus needles for a core as well as mix an unstable core with a radiated wood would likely cause the wand to self-detonate/explode as soon as the first spell is cast. Caracos survived the scorching desert heat by encasing himself in a winter spell.


In 1305Y, Talroc & Orcul were transported from the Arbor Bar to fight Grimlon in the dark night of the desert.