A protection kiss is when a goddess kisses a wizard or when a god kisses a witch, which grants them an aura of protection for only a certain time.



The most common form of protection is invincibility, when the wizard or witch is able to be protected from spells, charms, jinxes, hexes & curses that could harm them. Depending on the degree of energy passed between the god/goddess & the witch/wizard, the protection could protect them from something as much as a Disarming Charm to the Killing Curse. Invincibility can also last up from a few minutes to 24 hours.


Another gift of protection is invisibility, where the wizard/witch obtains the power to vanish or disillusion themselves for a certain number of time. Depending on the energy passed between the god/goddess & the witch/wizard, the invisibility could last from a few minutes to at least 12 hours.

Other magical powersEdit

There are other magical powers that the god/goddess can transfer.


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