Feral Pikachan
A Pikachan in the wild
Conservation status
Near Threatened
Near Threatened
Vital statistics
Type of creature: Generation II
Evolved from: Pichan
Evolves into: Raichan
Age: Immortal
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance: Dark War
Known Appearances: None
Last Appearance: None

A Pikachan is a magic creature that generates electricity. They evolved from the Pichan & evolve into Raichans. Apparently, they are immortal until they evolve, which was part of a dark magic spell that they can never die of natural causes as a trait passed down by the Pichan, which was created by dark wizards by accident, in an intention to get a creature to destroy the League of Magic, but used their deadliness to kill wizard targets. The ownership of a Pikachan, Pichan or Raichan, is illegal on Earth as they are classifyed extremely dangerous by the League of Magic. Pikachans are dangerous to strangers, while they are safe to their owners, the League of Magic put down a strict law to keep them in their natural habitats in the rural mountains of Ziam or the plains & forests of Wokeseoia. They share a size relationship to the Littlefoot Grappler, as they can come in a size not much bigger than the Pichan, but are smaller than Raichans.