A Marlenian Kiss is when a wizard kisses a witch/witch kisses a wizard & he/she is wearing Kissing Draught on their lips, thus the other falls asleep. The name Marlenian is derived from the legend of Death & Marlenia, which Marlenia kissed Death with Kissing Draught on her lips & both fell asleep, which the way Kissing Draught is used is that it is drunk by another when kissed.


Theological TimeEdit

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Present Uses by MortalsEdit

The League of Magic made laws banning the distribution, ownership or use of Kissing Draught as it was deemed a threat to the safety of magicians every where. When Marlenia awoke during the War of Fire, she kissed Orcul & Ifghar & attempted to administer the Kiss on Talroc & eventually tryed to poison him by trying to bite-kiss him on the cheek to bleed the sap of a Muldoon Tree into his blood.

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