Vital statistics
  • Mother Life
Gender: Female
Race: White/Yellow (disembodyed, true form as a body of light)
Age: Amortal
Social life
Wand Description
Color: None
Core: None
Wood: None
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance: Never appeared yet
Known Appearances: Never appeared yet
Last Appearance: Never appeared yet

Marlenia or Mother Life is the goddess of life & creation, she is the wife of Death & is the mother of Groc, Grimlon, Mariena & Sia & the mortal world.

Theological BioEdit


She marryed Death & they had a war with Glaux, an evil god who threatened to destroy the universe. However, her sons & daughters fought him & his army & saved the universe of the mortals.

Hibernation of DeathEdit

Marlenia decided that it was time for her son, Groc, to rule the world as Death aged older & older. Death did not agree with the idea, so Marlenia decided to put him to sleep. She found a sleeper plant & rubbed the drowsy fluid all over her lips, which was powerful enough to last for a few eons. Later, she kissed Death & the two passed out from the fluid into a thousand year long sleep.


She was unintentionally awakened by the Grand Sorcerer Albus of the League of Magic. Upon realizing Groc had been given the same fate as Death & her & Grimlon ruled the gods, which was on an unbalanced scale of hostility. She urged the mortal & theological races to fight the Fire Race. She met Talroc & Orcul before the final battles of the war, individually. She requested that she'd protected them for a few thousand years when their efforts would really come to use. Talroc declined in wisdom that he would die before he would awaken because Death would rise later in time, but Orcul accepted & requested that Talroc join him. Still having her lips stained with drowsy fluid, she kissed Orcul, who passed unconscious. Talroc revived him with a Nightmare Curse, causing nightmares so powerful he awoke. Marlenia, angered by Talroc's early awakening of Orcul, threatened to scar him & she asked Ifghar if he wanted the fate Orcul chose, knowing of immortality, Ifghar accepted it & slept for years with charms protecting him from Nightmare Curses, so Talroc couldn't revive him. It was said that those who are kissed by the goddess are giving up their life to her, which once they are kissed, they dedicate their undying eternal loyalty to her & have no will to awaken, which they are charmed by her to make sure Death doesn't reawake.