Vital statistics
  • Air
  • Air goddess
Gender: Female
Race: White (disembodyed, takes the form of a wind body)
Age: Amortal
Social life
Wand Description
Color: No wand
Core: No wand
Wood: No wand
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance: Rise of Grimlon (mentioned)
Known Appearances: None
Last Appearance: Rise of Grimlon (last mentioned)

Mariena is the goddess of air. She helped her sister, Sia, become queen after Grimlon, her brother, execrated Groc.

Theological BioEdit


Rivalry with GrimlonEdit

On the night the Phanerozoic Period began & Glaux had been defeated, Groc was crowned king. However, Grimlon, decided to execrate Groc to the extinct Hadean as revenge. Mariena came up with a plan with Sia to send Grimlon into being an outcast. Sia tryed to make a "special crown" for Grimlon while Mariena faked him by pretending to become his wife. At the wedding, Sia held the crown, but when she attempted to hand him it, Grimlon realized it was a crown made of Kissing Draught, an inflammable potion, bound together by a water spell that would break as soon as it was to be placed on his head. Realizing it's a plot, Grimlon refused to wear the crown & threatened to execrate Sia as soon as the wedding was over & he ordered the priest to skip to the end, which was done as Grimlon kissed Mariena, thus officially marrying them. However, A huge brawl began & it ended with Grimlon being forced to retreat to Earth inside Mount Kilijaro. Mariena sought to find Grimlon & destroy him.

Known BioEdit


In 1305Y, Mariena helped her mortal descendant, Orcul, by helping him & his teacher, Talroc, back to Ziam from Shanghai. After Orcul had been pushed into a canyon, he was protected & landed safely, meeting Mariena. She promised to protect him in battle & gave him a kiss.


Mariena fought Grimlon & his Fire Race in the Battle of Fire.