The Magical Records Vault Room is a vault room for the underground headquarters of the League of Magic. It is a very secure room with magically protected documents. The room contains fifteen chambers, nine of records in history of magic, spellology, dueling tips & tactics & more, while the six others are separated to a different room section on the theological history of the universe & the most important gods.


The security of the room is very strict as the documents are well guarded by magical charms, curses, hexes & jinxes to prevent theft or destruction by the means of any magical or non-magical approach. The security in the Theology section is more secure than the first section, but retains a similar obligation for entry.

Steps for entryEdit

Magic SectionEdit

  1. To enter the room, the wizard or witch must report themselves to the main desk of the section & request permission to see the files of one of the chambers
  2. The clerk will request identification of the wizard to prove they are a member of the League of Magic.
  3. The clerk would request the wizard to hand over his wand as a security precaution as magical items such as a wand can alter the charms & spells set up to defend the articles of documents in the room by the means of a spell by a professional wizard
  4. The clerk would then magically unlock the door to the requested chamber (which the door is sealed with a powerful charm that a simple door opening spell will not work, but a more complex one that is only known by the clerk [it is also nonverbal])

Theology SectionEdit

  1. Like Step One of the Magic Section, the wizard must report to the main desk of the Theology section
  2. Repeat Steps Two & Three of the Magic Section
  3. The clerk would magically unlock the door by removing the rock, fire, water, magical dust or dark magic locks in front of the door & magically open the door itself

Security of the chambersEdit

The chamber doors to the Theology Section are protected more by the means of the element the chamber of the god in question, which would be rock (Groc), fire (Grimlon), magical dust (Mariena), water (Sia) or dark magic (Death & Marlenia)