The Magical Currency set up by the League of Magic is a series of coins or in some cases: blocks or squares.



Platinum blocks or squares are the most valuable substance in the magical universe. The League of Magic sets it up as 100G's, 5,000S's, 125,000B's or 1,250,000D's & a single square can buy multiple objects before getting down to 0 in drachmas.


Gold coins are the second most valuable substance in the universe. The League of Magic conversion rates say that 100G's (100 Golds) is 1P (1 Platinum). It takes 50S's (50 Silvers) to make 1G.


The middle value is Silver. 50S's make 1G, while 25B's (25 Bronzes) make 1S.


Bronze is the least valuable substances in the universe, but bronze coins are the second most valuable.


Drachmas are coins made of brass & are the least most valuable coins, it takes 10 to get 1B.

Conversion RatesEdit

Coin Amount needed for a coin from upper value Change from lesser value by 1 coin of value
Platinum Highest value 100 Golds
Gold 100 50 Silvers
Silver 50 25 Bronzes
Bronze 25 10 Drachmas
Drachma 10 Lowest value


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