The Love Curse is a form of the Imperius Curse. This particular curse generates pink clouds that hang in midair & pour light pink fog that causes the victims standing in it to succumb to a powerful infatuation with the caster. This curse has been considered an Imperius Curse form as the victim is so infatuated with the caster that they'll even use the Killing & Torture Curses.


Dark Ring recruitingEdit

Before the attempted seizure of Alcatraz Prison by Talroc & Orcul, the Dark Ring, consisting of inmates of the prison, led by Michael Desjardins, kidnapped helpless recruits, such as children in order to recruit them. Desjardins then had the children aligned in one room, where he would cast the curse & cause the unsuspecting victims to fall hopelessly in love with the Dark Ring. Desjardins also set up marriages between teenagers by using the Love Curse to produce newer, younger & stronger recruits.

Harmonia FlameEdit

During the War of Fire, Grimlon assigned the assassin, Harmonia Flame, who happened to be direct descent of Grimlon, to infiltrate & bring down the League of Magic & she would do so by implanting herself in the League. During her work, she would seduce the workers into falling in love with her using the curse & when she had them under her control, she would ask them if they would join the Dark Ring, if they refused & snapped out of the trance, she would kill them.





Prolonged exposure to the curse can cause extremely dangerous problems involving mental disorders & other problems

Mental stabilityEdit


If two people were under a love curse & had children, the outcome depends on how deeply the curse affects both people. If the curse cuts too deep into the person, it will sever their nerves' abilitys to function & cause the reproductive systems to shut down, resulting in no children. However, if the curse doesn't affect the reproductive system, it will affect the DNA of the gametes & when they form a zygote, the consequences will immediately begin before birth & research has resulted in the following signs:

  • Bisexuality (the mating of two genders to create the child under the curse would be attracted to both genders)
  • Depression
  • Lower grade of appearance
  • Mental instability
  • Self-injury
  • Uncontrolled attempts to attract a male or female
  • Suicide