Legilimency is the act of penetration into one's mind with(out) awareness of this. A practitioner who performs this is known as a Legilimens. The Legilimens is able to delve into the victim's mind & witness events he/she is experiencing at the moment & recall previous encounters. The only defense is Occulmency.

Known incidentsEdit

Grimlon's attempts on Zia Rhashid's lifeEdit

After returning from Mount Alcatraz, Talroc & Orcul learn of the creation of the Dark Ring & that Grimlon is currently on a rampage. Over the night before Talroc consulted Ifghar, who supplyed him this information, Grimlon delved into Orcul's mind, knowing that Talroc was an Occulmens. To keep Orcul unaware of this identity, Grimlon only resorted to using a stealth vision attack, a form of Legilimency, where the Legilimens only sees what the victim is up to & does no actions to cause instability of memorys or emotions. Grimlon, watching Orcul's life, was able to use him as a key to disclose the location of Zia Rhashid, who he summed up as a fire traitor.