Kissing Draught
Vital statistics
Type Sleeping draught
  • Makes the drinker fall asleep after being Kissed
Source Sleeping Plant insides
Cost to buy According to recent laws by the League of Magic, the production of buying the item is illegal
Cost to sell According to recent laws by the League of Magic, the distribution of selling the item is illegal

Kissing Draught is a powerful sleeping draught that is transfered into a wizard or witch's body by kissing. It is not to be confused with the love potion, Kissing Concoction.



The legend of the draught dates back to the time Death & Marlenia were the king & queen of the gods. Because Death's powers were too strong, death tolls kept going up & lives within the magical universe never fulfilled themselves. To solve this, Marlenia decided to put Death to an eternal sleep, she cut open a sleeping plant & rubbed her lips in Kissing Draught. She Kissed Death & both of them fell unconscious for eons. Because of this, when someone kisses another with Kissing Draught on their lips, it is called a Marlenian Kiss. It was also used to create a crown for Grimlon, Sia planned to trick Grimlon into being weakened to a state he could be execrated if he wore the crown, which would break & douse him in the Draught, extinguishing him right at the conclusion of Mariena's wedding. However, Grimlon noticed the ploy, refused to be crowned unofficially & kissed Mariena & fled after a huge battle between him & Sia.

Use by mortalsEdit

At some point in the history of the universe, The League of Magic banned the use of Kissing Draught & made the distribution or ownership of it illegal. However, it seems to be inflammable, thus, it can put out fires

War of GrimlonEdit

When Marlenia awoke, she still had Kissing Draught on her lips. Hearing about Talroc & Orcul, she visited both individually & requested that they be protected by her for a few eons until they are rested enough to become extremely powerful. Talroc, knowing that Death would awake before he could wake up, declined while Orcul agreed, being given the Marlenian Kiss. Talroc found Orcul & sensed the goddess' presence, he put a Nightmare Curse onto Orcul, giving him such strong horrible dreams he woke up. Marlenia struck Talroc by putting his brother, Ifghar, to sleep & sealing him in magic in Shadow Temple.