The Kiss of Fire is one of the most powerful & dangerous fireborne powers administered to a witch/wizard. It is given to a witch who is a demigoddess that is descent of the fire god, Grimlon.


The demigoddess/witch has to lure her victim into attraction of a measure that would cause the victim to kiss them. The witch would then begin to "pump" (forcibly exhale) flames into the victim, causing them to burn within seconds.


The Kiss was used by the demigoddess Harmonia Flame to kill her victims with fire. When she seduced the victim, she often had them distracted by her charm or by the means of a love curse or potion. When the victim & she kiss, she would raise her body temperature & exhale flames into the victim's mouth. One time when Harmonia attempted to dispose of Talroc the Great, as Talroc & her kissed, she exhaled flames into his mouth & he rinsed his mouth out & magically had it healed. Infuriated by the fact that the wizard was still alive, Harmonia exploded into flames & demolished the bar they were at.



  • Several League members


  • Talroc
  • Orcul (was not put on fire)