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  • March 2
    • Talroc & Orcul visit Flame Temple to learn more about the god Grimlon
    • Grimlon arrives & the trio duel
    • Grimlon retreats because of a burning sun spell
    • Another battle is fought, Orcul's wand backfires & self-detonates
    • Talroc buys Orcul a new wand & fights a fire monster
    • Talroc & Orcul enter the Arbor Bar in Arboria
    • Jason Hallman arrives at the bar & exchanges info with Talroc
  • March 3
    • Hallman is killed by a fire monster in disguise & Talroc & Orcul are shanghaied by Grimlon before they could learn his weakness
    • Grimlon raises an army to fight Talroc & Orcul, Orcul fends off most monsters with Talroc dealing with Grimlon
    • The intensity of the battle is so ferocious it causes a fire sun apocalypse on the Fire Race for the whole week
    • Orcul calls Mariena to get them out of Shanghai & back to Ziam




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