This a page of the timeline of the Earth & the universe


Solar SystemEdit

  • Location: Center of the Universe
  • Age: 6 billion years
  • Formation: Collection of stellar materials such as gas, dust & rock


  • Location: Third from the Sun
  • Age: 4.6 billion years
  • Formation: Compaction of rocks, gas & dust from the Solar System

Cloud PalaceEdit

  • Location: In what is now the asteroid belt
  • Age: Approximately 5 billion years
  • Formation: Gas & magic collection
  • Destruction: The Glauxian troops attacked it 545 million years ago & destroyed the city

Chaotian EonEdit

  • 14 billion years ago: Death is born & the universe begins
  • 10 billion years ago: Marlenia is born
  • 9 billion years ago: Hades is born
  • 8 billion years ago: Glaux is born
  • 6 billion years ago: Solar System forms along with Cloud Palace
  • 5.5 billion years ago: Hadean Palace is formed
  • 5 billion years ago: The Glauxian War begins, rocks begin to collide to form the future Earth
  • 4.65 billion years ago: Grimlon is born

Precambrian SupereonEdit

Hadean EonEdit

  • 4.6 billion years ago: The Earth forms
  • 4.5 billion years ago: The Moon forms in the asteroid belt & is captured by the Earth's gravity
  • 4.2 billion years ago: Battles begin to take place down on Earth
  • 4 billion years ago: Groc is born, Earth's crust forms
  • 3.95 billion years ago: Sia is born, water appears in the universe
  • 3.9 billion years ago: Late Heavy Bombardment occurs, first water on Earth
  • 3.85 billion years ago: Moon distances from the planet

Archean EonEdit

  • 3.8 billion years ago: Late Heavy Bombardment concludes, Marlenia makes first life on Earth
  • 3.55 billion years ago: Mariena is born, oxygen begins to appear
  • 3.5 billion years ago: Stromatolites made from cyanobacteria appear
  • 3 billion years ago: Hadean Palace is destroyed

Proterozoic EonEdit

  • 1.5 billion years ago: Tectonic plate action from Groc & Hades' battles rearranges the islands on the watery Earth, oxygen levels continue to rise
  • 1.1 billion years ago: The first supercontinent, Rodinia, forms
  • 750 million years ago: Rodinia breaks up
  • 650 million years ago: Grimlon withdraws troops from the Earth to protect Cloud Palace, volcanic activity begins & carbon dioxide levels fall from acid rain
  • 560 million years ago: Earth's climate cools
  • 558 million years ago: Snowball Earth begins, the war comes to a close
  • 545 million years ago: Cloud Palace is destroyed
  • 544 million years ago: Hades is execrated
  • 543 million years ago: Snowball Earth ends, Glaux is execrated & the war ends

Phanerozoic EonEdit

Paleozoic EraEdit


  • 542 million years ago: Cambrian Explosion, eukaryotic life appears on Earth.


  • 460 million years ago: Supercontinent Gondwana forms


  • 400 million years ago: Marine life is continuing to evolve, Mariena begins to create ozone from extra oxygen


  • 375 million years ago: Ozone layer covers the planet's atmosphere, life in the oceans begins to evolve to move out on land


  • 300 million years ago: Siberia collides with Gondwana


  • 250 million years ago: Siberian Traps erupt, Permian Mass Extinction

Mesozoic EraEdit


  • 245 million years ago: Gondwana breaks apart
  • 230 million years ago: Dinosaurs first appear
  • 220 million years ago: Planet finally heals from the Siberian Traps
  • 205 million years ago: Supercontinent Pangaea forms


  • 200 million years ago: Dinosaurs continue to evolve. The dinosaur age enters the Age of the Giants
  • 190 million years ago: Tectonic plates begin to shift again, Pangaea breaks apart
  • 180 million years ago: Tethys Sea opens as Wokeseoia begins to shift away
  • 145 million years ago: Atlantic Ocean opens, Tethys disappears


  • 70 million years ago: Wokeseoia, Hammereosia & Mexico all separate
  • 65 million years ago: Bolide impact, Cretaceous Mass Extinction

Cenozoic EraEdit


  • 60 million years ago: Plates move again