Harmonia Elyssa Flame
Vital statistics
  • Harmonia the Flame
  • Kiss of the Flame
Gender: Female
Race: White
Age: 19
Social life
Wand Description
Color: Red
Core: Dragon heartstring
Wood: 1'2" Elm
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
Known Appearances:
Last Appearance:

Harmonia Elyssa Flame is a descendant of Grimlon & is a deadly assassin. Throughout her life, she worked with Grimlon as a double agent to a system of rogue bounty hunters. She was later assigned by Grimlon to be implanted into the League of Magic to destroy Ziam at it's roots.


Early lifeEdit

Realization of her powersEdit

As Lisa WatersEdit

Return as herselfEdit

Infilitration of the League of MagicEdit

Flame was then induced a mission by Grimlon: to infiltrate the League of Magic itself & destroy everyone one by one without arousing too much suspicion & to silence anyone who discovers the secret. Flame signed herself a job & gained several promotions in no time. On the way up the ladder, she seduced many of the wizards who worked there & had them date her, which she killed them.


The League ordered Talroc to lead the investigation to round up the deaths of the falling League members. Flame engaged in a date with Talroc. However, when she attempted to give him the Kiss of Fire, Talroc realized what was happening, rinsed his mouth out & found out who was causing the deaths. Flame burned Talroc before he escaped. However, nobody believed Talroc's story that Flame was the culprit due to the lack of evidence. Even the presentation of his burn marks were passed off as the matter that Talroc had claimed earlier that he'd encountered a fire monster before that time. Talroc & Orcul discussed the subject & Talroc explained to Orcul the whole plot, which Orcul did not believe until they read Flame's records & Talroc showing him his burns.


From the point that Talroc escaped Flame, Flame began every attempt she could at cornering him alone to "silence" him. However, she killed Germos & Talroc appeared on the scene & casted Prior Incantato to show that her last spell had been the Killing Curse. Sensing that she was done, Flame exposed herself by exploding into flames & setting the entire building ablaze while the League members attempted to stop her.


Magical powersEdit

  • Kiss of Fire - Being descent from Grimlon, she inherited rare powers that no more than few (a very few, almost once every few decades) of those descent from him. In these powers involves the ability to control her body temperature, summon & breathe fire & explode into a flame monster. In these powers, she retains the Kiss of Fire, a rare talent that is administered to only witches who are descent of Grimlon. As an assassin, she often killed her victims by seducing them & making out with them, leading her to raise the temperature in her face, in which causes her breathe fire into the victim & kills them. In fact, because of this talent, she had been nicknamed The Kiss of the Flame.