Hadean 3

The Earth 4.3 billion years ago

The Hadean was the earliest of the timeline of the magical universe & Earth. The timescale reaches from 4.6 to 3.8 billion years ago, when the Earth finally cooled down & became solid & life first formed. It was also during the war between the gods & Glaux, who was a monsterous god from off the Earth who was born from Hades, the evil monster of the Hadean world.


Hadean 1

Mount Kilijaro (left) in Mexico & Mount Ziamis (right) of Ziam 4.4 billion years ago

Hadean 2

Earth 4.2 billion years ago

Since Groc, the rock god, was born second, Grimlon, the fire god, created the element of fire, which took the form of lava, a fiery substance made of molten rock.


Chaotian EonEdit

Before the Earth formed, the entire universe consisted of gases, rocks & dust. In an area near Earth was the cloud palace of Death, which existed until it's destruction at the end of the Glauxian War. The gases, rock & dust condensed & flames grew from Grimlon's birth, creating a fiery Earth.


The Paleohadean Era lasted from 4.6 - 4.3 billion years ago.


The Mesohadean Era lasted from 4.3 - 4 billion years ago


The Neohadean Era lasted from 4 - 3.8 billion years ago.

Start of the ArcheanEdit

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Water in the Archean Eon, following the Late Heavy Bombardment