Vital statistics
  • Earth
Gender: Male
Race: White
Age: Amortal
Social life
  • Death (father & brother, god of beginning, end, birth & death)
  • Grimlon (brother, god of fire)
  • Sia (sister, goddess wife, goddess of water)
  • Mariena (sister, goddess of air)
  • Mariella (mortal wife)
  • Talroc (mortal son)
  • Ifghar (mortal son)
  • Earth
  • Gods of the Universe
Wand Description
Color: No wand
Core: No wand
Wood: No wand
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance: Never appeared
Known Appearances: Never appeared
Last Appearance: Never appeared

Groc is the god of earth. He is the first & most important element of the universe. He was the youngest son of Death, god of creation & is the brother of Grimlon, Mariena & husband of Sia. He had two mortal sons, Talroc & Ifghar. He was execrated by Grimlon after the defeat of Glaux when Groc was crowned king after Marlenia & Death fell asleep. Angry, Grimlon gave Groc a coffin in disguise as a birthday gift. Groc was forced into it, where it was set on fire & Grimlon ordered his sisters to crown him king, which Sia, Groc's wife, decided to exact revenge on him for execrating Groc by intending to execrate him. Sia asked Grimlon if there were any other requests & Grimlon requested that Mariena be his wife, so they had a wedding, which Sia had enough time to put together a crown made of Kissing Draught & water. Groc slowly recovered from his attack by Grimlon in the Phanerozoic as his essence slowly formed for a few years on Earth, but remains in the deep pit of Tartarus in the fiery core of the Earth, where the extinct Hadean realm lies.