Vital statistics
  • Fire
  • Lord of Fire
Gender: Male
Race: Fire (has no skin, usually embodyed by fire)
Age: Amortal
Social life
  • Fire
  • Gods of the Universe
Wand Description
Color: Orange
Core: Dragon heartstring
Wood: 1' Yew
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance: Rise of Grimlon
Known Appearances:
Last Appearance: War of Fire II

Grimlon is the eldest son of Death & is the oldest sibling of Groc, Mariena & Sia. He is the god of fire & is the most powerful magical source of the four elements of the universe. Grimlon has no known records of mortal descendants, thus, his only true descendants are fire-borne monsters of a race of the element. Grimlon was leader in the army of the war against Glaux, god of hatred & Death was crowned king of the gods, later crowned Groc. Grimlon swore revenge on Groc & Sia became queen when Groc was put to sleep by Grimlon, ever since the incident, Grimlon has been posted as "Magic's Most Wanted Enemy Number One" by the League of Magic.

Theological BioEdit

Creation of the UniverseEdit

Death created a universe for life to exist, he caused an explosion of life to bring out the universe & life. But the energy of the explosion not only gave man life, but magic as well. Death marryed Marlenia. The two had Grimlon, Groc, Mariena & Sia.


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