Germos (known as Germos the Terrible) is a member of the Council of Elders in the League of Magic. He served sometime before the War of Fire & was one of the first of many casualtys before & during the war as he was assassinated by Harmonia Flame, who shot a Killing Curse at him rather than attempt to use her secret weapon.


Early LifeEdit

League of Magic careerEdit

Pre-War of FireEdit

War of FireEdit


Germos worked with Harmonia Flame one day & attempted to force affections on her, due to her appearance. Not wanting to kiss him, Flame refused & Germos attempted to rape her. To save herself, Flame shot him with a Killing Curse. Talroc used Prior Incantato to find that Germos had been killed by Flame & she was the culprit, who had been dubbed "the Kiss of the Flame".

Personal LifeEdit

Personal hygieneEdit

Germos was born & raised in some area of Ziam that was claimed to be the filthiest place in the nation & even on the planet. Germos claimed that he never showered, rarely ever shaved & often sweated alot, which led to a failure for feminine attraction, which he had to force. This is the reason why Harmonia Flame refused to kiss him & shot him with the Killing Curse instead.

Crime lifeEdit

Germos was once locked away for sexual harassment & rape. He came by the Arbor Bar around closing & got drunken to the point he forced Zia Rhashid into having sex, to which she immediately sent spells flying in all directions to protect herself. He also had a forced affair with some other women, who threatened to lock him up.