The attack on the Arborian Lake was the first of the two dark monster attacks on Orcul & Zia Rhashid.


Hours prior to attackEdit


Zia rolled to the banks of the lake. Orcul followed & found her lying on the ground. Zia looked at the sky, let out a scream & fainted into unconsciousness. Orcul looked up & found dark monsters swarming them. He then cast an incorporeal Patronus to repel them, but failed. The monsters began to attempt the Dark Kiss on both Orcul & Zia, attacking each with more than one monster at a time. One monster pulled enough happiness out of the Zia that her soul exited her mouth. Orcul was grabbed by a dark monster & one closed in on him for the Kiss & another went to devour Zia's soul. Before anything else could happen, Orcul's future self cast a corporeal Patronus that saved him & Zia from the fate of the Dark Kiss.

Rescue from Flame TempleEdit

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Orcul awoke in a hospital & asked Talroc where Zia was & if it was him who drove the dark monsters away. Talroc denyed that he even saw the attack & told him that Zia was held in Flame Temple & Grimlon was to have a dark monster administer the Kiss any second then. With all hope lost, Talroc pulled out a Time-Turner & explained to Orcul the laws of time travel & gave him instructions how to save Zia & told him to arrive back at the hospital at the current time just after his past self departs to the time before. Orcul relives the earlier encounter with dark monsters. Seeing that no one was coming & the monsters were about to devour Zia's soul & Kiss him, he ran up to the bank & cast a Patronus that defeated the monsters. Orcul then shadowed himself to Flame Temple & ended up falling down the Dark Tower (the highest one in Flame Temple). Orcul arrived at the top & found dozens of dark monsters waiting for him, along with one leader itself, ready to administer the Kiss. Orcul fought off the monsters & found the lead monster fly into the cell & hover over Zia. Orcul then cast a Patronus that destroyed the monster & he & Zia apparated to the Arbor Bar. Orcul then hurryed to the hospital & opened the door to find himself departing.