An Exploding Charge Curse (incantation unknown) is a curse that is associated with pyrotechnic capabilitys. The spell manifests itself as a ball of light that starts out as a faint yellow & when charged by waving the wand, causing friction to electrify the spell, the ball will turn different shades of yellow, orange & finally reach red & will grow in size as this continues. Once the charged curse has reached it's highest charge, it can be released with maximum damage imminent & it can be almost unavoidable at close range as the curse's charge will make it speed towards the target. When released, depending on size/color, the charge can destroy something as small as rocks to a heavy iron wall & at maximum charge, it can kill anyone it impacts given that the charge also detonates on impact.


Infiltration of Alcatraz PrisonEdit

During the mission to infiltrate Alcatraz Prison, Talroc & Orcul were forced to hide behind a rock given the possibility of being caught by a dark wizard guarding the prison. Talroc, seeing the iron gate & the fact that there was only one guard, decided to use a spell to destroy the gate to access entrance. He then began waving his wand to charge the curse & then released it, killing the guard & blowing up the gate. However, the curse's noise led to the alert of the prison & guards then Stunned Talroc & Orcul & hit them with Knock Out Hexes to lock them up.

Other usesEdit