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Episode Name Episode Number (Season) Episode Description Production Number Era
Rise of Grimlon 1 Talroc the Great & his apprentice, Orcul, visit Flame Temple & duel Grimlon. They rush to the village of Arboria, Ziam, to warn the League of Magic of the rebirth of the ancient race of fire monsters Grimlon summoned. They however are forced to delay the arrival at the League due to the fact that Grimlon had destroyed Orcul's wand. They learn that they are going to meet a spy in the Arbor Bar in town after buying Orcul a new wand. They order butterbeer & then learn more about Grimlon. However, Grimlon kills the spy & brings them to Shanghai Desert in Mexico, they fend off an army of fire monsters & summon Mariena. 1 Pre-War of Fire
Ziamese Mountain Battle 2 The duo returns to Arboria & reports to the Council of Elders of the attacks. Albus the Grand Sorcerer orders Talroc & Orcul to go up to Alcatraz Prison on top of Mount Alcatraz & regain control. The duo begins a violently cold climb as they near the top, eventually falling into rivers & nearly drowning. The two continue to climb until they reach the prison. They are captured by the dark wizard security guards & are brought into the prison. They discover Michael Desjardins, a 23 year old dark wizard, convicted for dark larceny, has taken over the prison & turned it into a training camp for a dark organization. The duo escape custody & Talroc kills Desjardins & the two chronologically freeze the prison & leave. 2 Pre-War of Fire
Fiery Revenge 3 Talroc & Orcul return home & learn from Talroc's brother, Ifghar, about Grimlon & the Dark Ring, an organization that was originally going to be run by Desjardins, but has now banded together since news of his death & cause uprisings. 3 Pre-War of Fire
Battle of Mexico 4 No summary available 4 Pre-War of Fire
Magical Records 5 No summary available 5 Pre-War of Fire
War of Fire 6 No summary available 6 Pre-War of Fire/War of Fire