Water (top left), Fire (top right), Earth (bottom left) & Air (bottom right) are the four elements of Earth & the Universe

An element is a building block of the universe & the ability to help support life on Earth. There are four notable elements: fire, earth, air & water. There are two other unaccounted elements that are transmitted before the main four were born, which came from the god & goddess who invented the universe: Life & Magic. Each element is characterized by one of the four god/goddesses. There are more unknown elements that have not been found or recognized as elements by the League of Magic.








Creation of an elementEdit

Theological creationEdit

A major god such as Grimlon, Groc or Death/goddess such as Marlenia, Mariena or Sia, are the control deitys of these elements. Upon the god/goddess' creation/birth, the element is brought to life on the Earth. Grimlon's birth created the Hadean Earth, the birth of Groc helped develop solid rock, Mariena's birth caused an atmosphere & Sia's creation caused water, which all three of Groc, Mariena & Sia ended the Hadean Period on Earth.

Manmade creationEdit

Real creationEdit

The creation of an element by man breaks the magical laws of the universe set up by Death. If one was to synthetically create an element, it would involve effort used for execration. Upon success, the person or the people who caused it, would have their souls consumed by the goddess Marlenia & they would be execrated to Tartarus. The process involves either altering the magical build of an element or creating a spell.

Fake creationEdit

There are joke books on how to create a fake element, which are gags. The false way to create an element is to: Say an incantation from the book & twirl the wand in the air & then, run out & kiss the first girl/boy you see. Some gags say to kiss a girl, which is actually a goddess in disguise.