Death, creator of the universe, god of beginning & endings, life & death
Vital statistics
  • Father Death
Gender: Male
Race: Black (disembodyed, usually a black-cloaked ghost)
Age: Amortal
Social life
Enemys: Unknown
  • Death
  • Gods of the universe
Wand Description
Color: None
Core: None
Wood: None
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance: Not yet recorded
Known Appearances: Not yet recorded
Last Appearance: Not yet recorded

Death or Father Death is the creator of the universe & god of beginnings & ends, life & death. Death is the father of all mortals & gods, with the exception of his sister & wife, Marlenia.

Theological BioEdit

Death created the universe & had a war with Glaux with his wife, Marlenia. After the war was won, deaths began as several happened & the gods & goddesses secretly blamed Death for it as he was god of death & his strongest power was death, so Marlenia decided to put him to sleep to stop the death toll.


Marlenia secretly destroyed a plant that was filled with Kissing Draught, which was powerful enough in god plants for a god to sleep for eons. Marlenia broke open one plant & rubbed the Draught all over her lips. She Kissed Death & both of them fell into a deep sleep for millenia.


After Death was to awaken, long after his wife had, the same problem would arise eons earlier as Death would become king of the gods & the death toll would rise.

Family TreeEdit


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