Vital statistics
Type Alcoholic beverage (mixture of butter & beer)
Effects Symptoms of drunkenness if too much is drunk
Source Beer with flavored butter
Cost to buy Depends on size:
  • X-Large: 10G
  • Large: 1G
  • Regular: 1S
  • Small: 1B
  • Kid size: 5D
Cost to sell Same price to buy

Butterbeer is an alcoholic beverage in the magical universe that is beer made with flavored butter.


The most famous place it is sold at is in a bar in the village of Arboria, Ziam.

Arbor BarEdit

At the Arbor Bar, the size of the cups the beer is drunk from is how much it costs. Before the War of Fire began with Grimlon, Talroc & Orcul waited for a League of Magic agent to bring them the secret to defeat Grimlon & ordered butterbeer there as they stopped by the village earlier to find a wand shop to replace Orcul's destroyed wand.