Boggarts are beings that express their appearances & nature in the form of something one fears/hates the most (ex.: a person with a phobia of spiders would have a spider as a boggart). To repel a boggart, once must think of something they'll find funny or amusing & say "Riddikulus". To finish a boggart off for good, laughter is used to drive it away. To confuse boggarts, one must travel in groups to prevent the boggart from scaring them. No living mortal has ever seen or known what boggarts look like when they are alone.

Known boggartsEdit

Person Fear/Boggart Riddikulus
Talroc A vision of the fall of all civilization Grimlon's execration (hallucinated)
Orcul Dark monsters (or fear itself) Smoke (usually uses a Patronus to counter it)
Albus His eulogy pronouncing his death & the fall of the League of Magic Grimlon's execration (hallucinated)
Michael Desjardins Death (claimed as a ghost)
Caracos Dark moon eclipsing the Earth forever, a burning sun roasting the Earth into the Hadean Earth in it's glory days
Ifghar Grimlon Him being destroyed by dumping a bucket of water on top of him
Zia Rhashid
Charlie Lorton
Grimlon Groc, Sia or Mariena execrating him to Hades Him locking up the god(desse)s with Glaux & Hades