The Archean in 400032BY, 400 years after the end of the Hadean

The Archean Period was the second period of the Theologic Era & began right at the end of the Hadean, when the Earth cooled & charred up. Also, once the Hadean went extinct & the lava subsided under rocky terrains, Groc accidentally created bacteria as the first life forms.


Hadean 2

The Earth in 4000432BY, the end of the Hadean

The Archean succeeded the Hadean as the final fire of lava disappeared off the Earth. Because of this fiery formation, it caused cracks that became tectonic plates. In the cracks grew the first life form Groc created by accident, which was bacteria. As lava subsided, Sia didn't fully create the water systems of Earth, therefore, the only water was actually pools of highly-tempered & extremely nuclear charged plasma that took the form of water. Mariena developed the first atmosphere, which had been what began the Archean. The atmosphere later provided oxygen for later bacteria, which produced more oxygen for humans to eventually evolve following the end of the Glauxian War.