The Arbor Bar is a bar saloon in Arboria, Ziam. It is run by Zia Rhashid & usually sells alcoholic drinks such as butterbeer, mead, wine, whiskey, regular beer & others.


  • Alcoholic drinks (highest qualitys) [Cost]
    • Whiskey (10) [20G]
    • Wine (8.5) [15G]
    • Mead (5.5) [13G, 35S]
    • Regular beer (5) [12G, 45S]
    • Butterbeer (3.9) [10G]


International Beer DayEdit

The bar has to give out free butterbeer & discounted beer for 6G, 22S, 12B & 5D on September 2.

Ziamese Arbor DayEdit

Mostly celebrated in Arboria, this day, certain shops close, the bar stays open & sells beer & other alcohol & advertises through the parade on the first monday of September (but not on the first two days of September)

International Non-Alcohol WeekEdit

All the shops selling alcohol have to close for one single week & not sell any beverages, this is also partially a law enforced by the League of Magic, anyone caught drinking or selling alcohol during this week from the time of midnight on Sunday to 11:59 p.m. on Saturday will be arrested & fined. It is the second to last week of November.