An Anti-Magic Jinx is a form of magic performed on a person or group of people or a certain room or location. The jinx can be powered to the point it can stop even the simplest spells from being conjured, prevent the ability to teleport in or out by magical means & cut off the ability for a god or goddess from being able to enter the room.



The weakest jinx can stop simple spells from being casted while stronger jinxes can prevent even the strongest spells. When a room or location has been jinxed, wands in that location will not operate or respond to magical commands.


God(dess) connectionsEdit

When a location has been jinxed, gods & goddesses can no longer access the room, even through their elements. However, it is possible that if the god or goddess was already in the room before & during the time it was jinxed, they would not be able to perform magic & if they left, they wouldn't be able to reenter the room. A stronger jinx would cause the god/goddess to weaken & would be forced to exit. A notable example was during the time Talroc & Orcul were trapped in the dungeons with the goddess Sia. Sia only managed to maintain her hold to stay in the room for a few minutes while Talroc & Orcul were granted her protection.